my Defender

hunting and delivering your next Defender or Series Land Rover to USA

So... in the big globalized market, with the Internet, and so many companies in the business, does such a little Company as "My Defender" (part of Camelus Ltd) make any sense? We hope the answer is "yes", even if surely World will go on with our without us LOL. But if we can make any good to any seller and any buyer, this will be good for everyone.


So You don't know me and this is the moment to introduce myself and my Company. My name is Francesco Meriani Merlo, I'm an italian guy working and living in Croatia.


Why did I put myself in this business? mainly for the love I always had for Land Rover (Defenders & Series), and of course because everyone has to make a living :-)


My love for these cars started around 1983, when I was a student and discovered the mythical Camel Trophy.... so for me only a 4WD exists... ans that's the LR. Finally 22 years ago (1996) I opened a 4WD/moto touring Association and later I left my job (at a Pharmacy) and with my wife Antonela established Camelus Ltd around ten years ago (the name is to honour Camel Trophy), that is a mainly a travel agency specialized in 4WD tours in the Balkans and Tunisia (see fbook page below).


Me and Antonela personally owned in these decades: Series III 88, series IIA 109 RHD, LR 110 19J, LR 90 12J, Discovery Tdi300, now I own 3 Defender 110 Tdi300 for expedions use... I know those wehicles are not perfect, but they are a piece of art and a piece of history! And I love them!


So, we at My Defender are not a "normal" car dealer nor a garage, but we can help you in finding your car and ship it to USA. Being my wife croatian, we are specialized in hunting the LR in ex-Jugoslavia Nations, where the internet market is not so developed, and expecially sellers very often don't speak english and of course would not (could not) start a direct selling overseas because of rather complicated customs and burocracy issues.


For delivering the cars we cooperate with one of the best Companies in Europe, that I'm lucky was established in the city were I was born (Trieste, italy), so I can have a direct and personal contact with them.


the rules we follow:


#1 to be honest is not only a moral rule but a marketing rule too

#2 if we know a defect/bug/issue with a car I will tell you (this is a consequence of #1)

#3 we will always try to our best to serve You


how do we work:


* we search/find/offer a vehicle for You

* we start/maintain contact with the seller, providing you with pics of the vehicle, pics of documents (VIN number and so on...)

* we can inspect or ask a third part mechanic to inspect the car for you (differents costs for different services, depending from distance of the vehicle from our Office... we will find together the best solution case by case)

* we help the seller to make export papers and we manage ground transportation in Europe, customs and expedition to U.S. by the renown Company mentioned before.


RESTORATION: if the vehicle is from Croatia, or in U.E. and near to Croatia (north east italy for example) we can organize a restoration for You, on demand.


Details of payments will be decided together in each case, to obtain the best solution for everyone. There are different (several) Nations that came out from Yugoslavia dissolution, and each one has their rules, languages and customs. Of course we hunt in European Union too... there things are simpler. But we are LR guys and girls ans we love challenges :-)















Tel. / Whatsapp:+385 98 997 6290


(google maps: we are here)